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Apr 01, 2021

Does a Walk-In Shower Add Value to Your Home?

Does a Walk-In Shower Add Value to Your Home? For many homeowners, the potential impact on their home’s resale value is a major determining factor when deciding what type of bathroom renovation to pursue. Sometimes, however, especially if you have a particular project goal in mind, one renovation choice is clearly better. In the case of homeowners looking to make their bathrooms safer for a loved one with mobility challenges, a walk-in shower installation would be a better choice than a traditional bathtub replacement. But does a walk-in shower add value to the home? It does, and here’s why:

A Walk-In Shower Adds Practical Functionality

Most Americans prefer showers over baths. We lead busy lives, and showers are more efficient. Few of us have the time anymore to draw a bath and sit for a leisurely soak, as relaxing as that is. We need to refresh ourselves and get on with our day, and for that, a shower is perfect. By eliminating the tub and its high wall, a walk-in shower adds convenience to this daily ritual. Whatever makes the home’s more commonly-used features, like shower systems, easier to use will attract homebuyers. It’s that simple.

A Walk-In Shower Enhances Safety

Elderly homebuyers have a certain perspective when assessing the features of a bathroom. They understand that stepping into a tub gets more difficult with age. That’s why they typically prefer walk-in showers. With its step-through design and low-step basin, a walk-in shower greatly reduces the risk of accidental falls. It also allows you to sit comfortably in a chair or stool while showering, which further enhances safety. A home with a reliable walk-in shower not only attracts a larger share of elderly home buyers but will also likely sell at a higher price among elderly homebuyers than a comparable home without a walk-in shower.

A Walk-In Shower Improves Storage

One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional bathtubs is the lack of storage. As anyone who has a tub in a high-traffic bathroom can tell you, tub rims and window sills are often jammed with bottles, sponges, razors, and the like. Modern walk-in showers are designed to clear that clutter. With in-wall storage areas and moveable shelving, they provide ample storage space for small and large items, creating a bathroom that looks neater and more spacious and a shower area that gives you more room to move. A walk-in shower is especially attractive to homebuyers because it delivers storage solutions, and as virtually any homeowner would agree, we could all use a bit more storage space.

A Dream Walk-In Shower

Hailed as America’s #1 Remodeler by Remodeling Magazine, Dreamstyle Remodeling installs a walk-in shower system that’s several rungs above the ordinary with features such as a low-step basin that makes it safe to enter and exit the shower, convenient seating options, in-wall storage units in two sizes, and moveable shelves. Contact Dreamstyle Remodeling if you would like more information about our value-adding walk-in shower systems. We offer free and informative consultations.

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