Types of Shower Valves, Trims & Controls

Types of Shower Valves, Trims & Controls If you’re like many other homeowners, you undertake a shower remodeling project because there’s a problem, or even multiple problems, that you want to solve. Whether you’re looking to revive your bathing experience or enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, options like shower valves, trims, and controls play a significant role. To help you find the best options that work for you, it’s helpful to understand what functions these shower components serve and how to incorporate them into your project.

Shower Valves

Think of the valve as the engine that powers the water spray. Depending on the type of experience you prefer, you can power and control the spray with:

  • Pressure-balancing valves – These all-in-one solutions allow you to turn the shower on and off, as well as control water temperature, with one handle. These valves are best used in basic shower configurations.
  • Thermostatic manual valves – These options automatically maintain your desired temperature setting. They are suitable for all applications, from basic showers to elaborate custom systems.
  • Thermostatic digital valves – Offering the ultimate in design and performance, these valves feature an intuitive, digital interface with control options for music, lighting, and steam. They work well with any type of shower system.


Most shower spaces will have manual trim, which are the controls you see on the wall. Manual trim comes in several different styles and finishes. Here, we will focus on the hardware that delivers the spray function or functions you want to experience.

  • Showerheads – Whether single- or multi-function, these are great for rinsing and massaging.
  • Handshowers – These options can be used for any area of the body, and are ideal for bathing pets and cleaning your shower space.
  • Rain showerheads – Choose this option if you want a relaxing, spa-like experience.

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