Dreamstyle Remodeling Offers Transformative Shower Units to Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ

Shower Units PhoenixHere’s what the typical shower experience looks like for many Phoenix residents: washcloths hanging from the showerhead, shampoo bottles precariously perched on a ledge, old shower walls dulled by hard water deposits and cleaning chemicals. It’s enough to turn your once-enjoyable shower into a chore you just need to be done with. But Dreamstyle Remodeling can change all that by installing shower units that will rid your shower stall of unsightly clutter and revive your bathroom with splashes of lovely colors and textures. We do this by installing the Choreograph™ shower wall system.

Design Versatility

We have partnered with KOHLER® to offer this premium system at an affordable price point because it can work wonders for just about any bathroom. What’s more, it’s highly customizable, which means you can transform your outdated shower space into a dramatic centerpiece by blending features and options like:

  • Walls in a variety of appealing colors, textures, and patterns so that you can design a shower that suits your tastes and matches your bathroom’s décor
  • Accent panels that you can combine with full wall panels in different configurations for a unique touch
  • Floating shower shelves that can be installed anywhere you like
  • Two sizes of in-wall storage lockers that include a basket and four adjustable shelves that can be removed for easy cleaning

Masterful Installation

With more than 60,000 remodeling projects successfully completed, we boast experience and knowledge that are the envy of the industry. When it comes to Choreograph systems, our skilled team can install these shower units to fit just about any shower space, whether custom or conventional. Our installers can trim your Choreograph walls so that they incorporate seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom.

If you’d like to know more about the versatile shower systems we install for Phoenix residents, contact Dreamstyle Remodeling today. We will be delighted to schedule a free consultation at your home.

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