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Shower Units Denver As home interior designs have evolved, remodeling companies have changed apace by offering products with innovative features. Not all these products will catch on with consumers, but one that has proven popular is the Choreograph® shower wall system by KOHLER®. Unlike other shower units that add mainly aesthetic improvements, the Choreograph line also completely changes the way you use your shower. It gives you more room to maneuver, more storage space, and even improves shower safety. If those qualities sound appealing to you, you’ll be glad to know that Dreamstyle Remodeling installs Choreograph systems for homeowners throughout Denver.

Heightened Visual Appeal

For all its functional benefits, Choreograph adds exceptional beauty to shower spaces with:

  • Shower wall panels that come in a range of gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures to suit your design aesthetic
  • Accent panels that you can configure in various ways for expanded design interest

Clutter-Free Showers

Tired of shampoo bottles crowding your shower stall and loofah scrubs toppling from your shower caddy? A Choreograph system is also eminently practical. It can free up your space by providing ample storage with:

  • Shower lockers in two sizes that include adaptable shelves for convenient storage of both large and small items
  • A beautifully designed shower hook on which to hang washcloths, towels, robes, and more

A Customized Process

Our design experts can help you select the options that will match your design tastes and meet your functional needs. Just reach out to schedule a free at-home consultation. And when our experienced team installs your new shower unit, you can trust that it will fit precisely in the available space. That’s because Choreograph walls can be easily trimmed. Didn’t we say it was innovative?

To learn more about the features and options of this remarkable shower system, contact Dreamstyle Remodeling in Denver today.

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