Luxury Features in a Shower System

Luxury Features in a Shower System Arguably, no other living space matters to your health and hygiene as much as your bathroom. It’s where you can relax and unwind with a long soak in the tub or refresh yourself with an invigorating shower. In most American homes, showering is the preferred bathing option, which is why many homeowners who want to create a more spa-like experience incorporate luxury features when designing a new shower system. If you’re not certain which products would help you achieve the luxurious look and feel you want, here are a few to consider:

Body Sprays

Also known as body jets, body sprays are a series of wall-mounted high-pressure showerheads installed in a shower. In addition to providing a luxurious and soothing experience, they can be used to relieve muscle aches and back pain. Body sprays ensure your entire body is covered in water, providing all of the benefits of a long soak, but in a shower space.

Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads replicate rainfall by pouring water from above, offering a gentler, more relaxing shower experience. Typically mounted on the ceiling, a rain showerhead can be used by itself or as a supplement to body sprays. Most rain showerheads feature different settings to replicate everything from a downpour to a drizzle.

Thermostatic Digital Valves

Thermostatic valves allow you to set the water at a precise temperature and at your desired pressure. They help to maintain water pressure even when other appliances, such as your dishwasher or washing machine, are in use. Depending on the shower system, you can also use thermostatic digital vales to adjust music, lighting, and steam. Some options allow you to use a remote control to turn on the shower from your bedroom and have the water at the perfect temperature by the time you’re stepping into the shower.

Customize Your Shower Space

At Dreamstyle Remodeling, we install shower systems that feature a wealth of options in valves and showerheads so that you can personalize your shower experience. Our custom shower systems also feature durable shower walls in a range of visually striking colors, textures, and patterns that can complement your bathroom décor and design. Contact Dreamstyle Remodeling for more information. We would be happy to arrange a free, informative consultation with one of our design professionals.

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