Family-Friendly Shower Remodeling Ideas

Family-Friendly Shower Remodeling IdeasWhen undertaking a shower remodel, it’s essential that you clarify what your main project goals are. Depending on the homeowner, goals can be markedly different. For instance, it would not be surprising for a young person who is single and has no children to prioritize appearance over safety. By contrast, it’s reasonable to expect a family’s shower remodel to emphasize the opposite. But, of course, these two types of shower remodels are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, there are shower remodels that provide both good looks and improved safety. However, there is another element that should not be overlooked—storage.

Hooks and Shelves

Many families find that their bathrooms lack storage space. It’s probably why shampoo bottles and razors often end up on window sills or tub rims and damp towels hang from shower curtain rods. To avoid having the cluttered look and cramped feel caused by insufficient storage space, you can install wall hooks or shelves. Extra towel hooks are a must-have for families with children, and shelving can provide space for the myriad smaller bath products that different members of your family use.

Custom Shower Remodel

Because bathroom storage isn’t only part of the average homeowner’s remodeling challenge, you may likely need a more comprehensive design solution—meaning one that lends more beauty, improves safety, and features extra storage. That’s exactly the kind of shower remodels that Dreamstyle Remodeling offers. Available in several visually striking colors, patterns, and textures, the Choreograph’s walls can be cut to fit your shower space precisely. What’s more, our system comes with safety features like a sturdy grab bar and options like a free-standing stool and a space-saving, flip-down seat. As for storage, in-wall lockers and adaptable shelves will free up space to de-clutter your bathroom and give it a complete refresh.

Contact Dreamstyle Remodeling today to learn more about a custom shower remodel, and be sure to ask about the flexible financing plans available to homeowners in your area.

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